It All Began With a Love for Stories... 

Wandering far and wide with a camera in my hand, my storytelling aims to inspire individuals to seek a deeper connection with nature and themselves, in the hope to discover a new found love for our beautiful planet earth we call home.

Photography has always been more than what I do, it's part of who I am. I wake up everyday feeling grateful that I am able to document my love for exploration. Being able to capture the stories of our planet breathes fresh air into my lungs and pure joy into my heart.

Rising with the sun, sipping herbal tea, slowing down within nature & embracing the everyday moments of gratitude.


On the road, photographing the world or somewhere in-between planning my next creative project.


Treading lightly, living intentionally, exploring consciously and sharing my love for our natural world.


A wild at heart wanderer, my projects are driven by my need for exploration and a desire to capture the fleeting details that often go unseen. With an innate sense of adventure and a fascination for the unknown my collection of work documents my appreciation for the natural beauty found throughout our world. 

My prominent style of dream-like imagery has led me to all corners of our planet from remote villages in South America to Iceland, Namibia and everywhere in-between. 

My passion is bringing your creative visions to life while sharing my world with a deeply connected global community…. one of wonder, joy, and curiosity. 

Built upon natural light and curiosity, my work brings beautiful visuals to life through the moments I capture. With over a decade of professional experience in the creative arts industry, I’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading travel and lifestyle brands including Sony, Lonely Planet, Pinterest and many more.

Behind The Lens...

A nomad of sorts, my travels both far and wide have opened my eyes, heart and mind.

With an identifiable style and intentional approach, each time I capture the world around me I hope to create an emotional resonance that feels timeless and immersive.

My passion is to create visual stories that have the ability to deeply connect with others on many layers… To translate the indescribable qualities of the intangible into the tangible. 

Narelle Bouveng | Nmedia & Co.

"Emilie's photography work is incredible but her work ethic is just as admirable. Delivering on brief, extremely generous in time and nature... A true artist in every sense of the word."

Tara Harrison | Aweventurer

“Emilie is a dream to work with. She is polite and professional and kind in every interaction with everyone she comes across."


Photofield is a thoughtfully designed tool giving you the opportunity to transform your photographs to the next level by simply selecting, sliding and choosing a colour palette from a series of filters. 

Transform your photography with my carefully crafted filters. 



 I have a passion for bringing your creative vision to life and crafting stories to get your message seen and loved by the right people.

Visual stories in the wild